Registration has OPENED and sponsors and athletes are on board… Lynn Hill, legendary Stonemaster and arguably the most revered American climber in the world, cut her teeth on the Monzonite of Joshua Tree and will be present for a good portion of Climb Smart this fall… in addition Kurt Smith, the ‘little general’ himself, will be there to spin tunes and offer tips through the mini-clinics that are core to the event. Brittany Griffith has stepped up her involvement with the event, even though she has anchored the event for several years running as a sponsored ambassador athlete and event planner. More sponsors are helping us this year, adding to the festival atmosphere in Joshua Tree Lake Campground (featuring the SCDVA Deep Space viewing theater). This is THE year to join FOJT and Climb Smart in and outside the Park to kick off the climbing season in style with opportunities to win swag, discover new climbing partners interested in access, advocacy and proper technique, and give back to the place we all love. Sign Up for CLIMB SMART here