How to Support the Friends of Joshua Tree:


Become a “Friend” to the Friends of Josh

If you’ve ever hiked an approach, placed a cam, set up a toprope, or clipped a bolt in Joshua Tree National Park, you know what a magical place it is. Help preserve that magic for others to experience. Become a “friend” to the Friends of Joshua Tree and support the only group that advocates climbing in the park. By becoming a friend—with your $25 annual support (or whatever you can afford)  you’ll receive:

  • “Wonderland”, the Friends of Joshua Tree e-newsletter, produced four times a year
  • Heads-up notice on all Friends of Joshua Tree events and activities
  • Priority sign-up for Friends of Josh events (like campsites, reserved seating at slideshows and movie nights, and feature athlete clinics)
  • Connectivity to the Access Fund, American Alpine Club and other Local Climbing Organizations who keep access for climbers a priority in the SoCal area
  • Satisfaction of putting your money toward a good climber’s cause
  • 501 c 3 tax-deductible donation

Become a friend to the Friends of Joshua Tree today! To learn how, please contact us at for more information


Climbers Alert Monitoring System

OK. You’re not ready to put out cash just quite yet. We understand. Care to take us for a test drive? If you aren’t ready to be a friend quite yet, then sign up for our newsletter and climb aboard the CAMS list.  It’s free!

When you join the CAMS list, you’ll get periodic emails from the Friends of Joshua Tree. Think of the CAMS list as the voice of Josh climbers—if we alert you to an access issue in the park, for example, you can tell us your opinion. With the CAMS list you can also find out when the next Friends of Josh event will be. And you’ll be in touch with others who care about the future of climbing in the park. Joining the CAMS list will keep you informed.

Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers: Schedule yourself at our next event, through the park system or offer a slideshow at your local gym and donate the proceeds to FOJT.  You’ll be glad you did.  If you are interested in helping out FOJT at our events or in any way, just email us at  Thanks!

Non-profit organizations live and die by the quality of their volunteer staff. Are you very good-looking and able to climb 5.14? If so, then go be on the cover of Deadpoint.  But if you’re dependable and willing to help, we’re always looking for volunteers for events as well as FOJT Organizational Projects and the Board Of Directors.  Please contact us for more information by emailing .

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