In our meeting with JTNP Superintendent Curt Sauer last year, he indicated that although courts had twice decided that the Eagle Mtn landfill project (see here for background) was improperly planned and located, that Kaiser Eagle Mtn Inc. (the developer) would not stop.  And sure enough they are appealing to the Supreme Court! 

Well we can do something… tell Secretary of The Interior Ken Salazar that we the people simply will not tolerate a garbage dump located directly next to our nation’s treasure Joshua Tree National Park. 

Here’s an easy way to let your feelings be known, but you can also communicate individually to Mr. Salazar, who is a friend of conservation and is currently touring the country touting the President’s ‘America’s Great Outdoors Initiative’.  The timing (and irony) couldn’t be more perfect. 

http://www.doi.gov/public/contact-us.cfm is the direct line to Salazar and the DOI. 

http://act.credoaction.com/campaign/dont_trash_joshua_tree/index2.html is an online initiative of Working Assets, called Credo.  It’s legit too. 

Thanks and we will keep you apprised of developments in this fight to save JTree.