(BLM dispersed camping areas shown above)

Recently there has been renewed attention on the Section 6 area, outside the JTNP boundaries and used for many years as an ‘overflow camping’ area. The neighbors who live in that area have noticed an uptick in usage, overnight vehicle parking, fire pit propagation and other increased impacts from unauthorized use. The area is designated Day Use Only. 

To catch up on some of the nuances of management and the issues at play, see some of these.

FOJT is studying this issue and believes that since there is high demand for camping outside of the Park, further restricting area usage is not the best solution for the climbing and outdoor recreation community. Better communication on camping resources can be shared, such as our listing here (which has options beyond the Park’s recommended camping options, listed here on their site. 

If you’re looking for camping outside the Park, best to use the Joshua Tree Lakes Campground about 5 miles north of 62 on Sunfair. Another option (for the intrepid ‘take your chances’ approach to BLM camping) is the dry lake bed area, also North of Hwy 62. Third you can find dispersed camping south of the Cottonwood Campground side of the Park (south entrance). See maps above. 

More on the Federal Government shutdown effect on JTNP and the community on Monday.